The Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil Pulling

So, you want to try our 14 day Coconut Oil Pulling Kit, but not sure it’s right for you? Relax fam, we gotchu. Check out our list below on why we think you should add organic oil pulling to your oral care routine; the benefits will astound you!

Freshens Breath

Freshen your breath the natural way. Coconut oil contains properties that eliminate germs and bacteria that cause bad breath. For-go chemical laden mouthwashes by using our 100% organic coconut oil to naturally freshen your breath without chemical sweeteners or intense taste.

Boosts Immunity

Experts say at least 80% of our health stems from our digestive system. This means everything you put in your mouth will either boost your health or impair it. Put plainly, if your mouth isn’t healthy, you’re not healthy. Swilling coconut oil around in your mouth removes harmful bacteria and prevents them from reaching the gut after swallowing; boosting your body’s immunity and improving your overall health.

Fight Gum Disease/Gingivitis

Healthy gums are also so important for your overall health. Although gentle brushing helps fight gum disease, sometimes it pays to be extra thorough. Adding oil pulling to your oral care routine for just ten days can reduce the risk of gingivitis and plaque buildup simply and easily. You can also avoid cavities by doing oil pulling on a regular basis to stave off bad bacteria and keep your mouth squeaky clean.

Detox Your Body

Our mouths are the main gateways to our bodies, so it makes sense that if we have a healthy mouth we will have a healthier body. Keeping your mouth free from bad bacteria by regularly oil pulling helps detox your body as a whole and keep your energy levels up.

Whitens Teeth

So you know we’re all about a nice, white smile. Organic coconut oil pulling is the perfect addition to your whitening routine and will have you on the fast track to a brighter smile. Team with our Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish, Toothpaste and Alcohol Free Mouth Rinse to cover your bases and get a pearly white smile the all natural way.

Want to try it? Check out our 14 Day Oil Pulling Kit, or for maximum results try our Complete Coco Kit to get all your oral care and whitening needs covered. Enjoy! xx